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Chile Pepper Magazine wrote about us in December 2003

Jammin’ Jellies Made with Peppers

Although the task of creating piquant preserves may seem formidably labor-intensive, the process becomes less daunting with practice. As knowledge and confidence grow, creative juices start flowing – quite literally.

"There’s so much satisfaction from making jelly. People don’t realize the pleasure it brings," Urmila Banerjee of Ontario, Canada, comments. "It’s a wonderful experience everyone should try." Like many commercial producers of pepper jellies, Banerjee’s business grew from a personal hobby.

"My mother was a passionate cook who never stuck to traditional Indian fare, and I inherited that interest from her. When we moved to this country I began to experiment with chutneys and relishes using local produce. Eventually, I moved to jellies and jams. The pepper jelly worked well because the flavor is balanced: First, the sweetness is tasted, then the heat kicks in," Banerjee explains. "One day I took a little jar of hot pepper jelly to work and left a note, saying, ‘If you want to spice up your day, taste my jelly.’ Everyone was crazy about it, and said I should go into business – and with their help, I did."

Today, Banerjee takes tremendous pride in seeing Moe’s Hot Pepper Jelly – named for her daughter, Mohua – on store shelves. "I send recipes with mail orders," Banerjee continues. "Topping cream cheese with pepper jelly is a standard way to serve it – but that’s boring. There are so many more exciting dishes to win the heart."

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